It’s about time we enter the 21st century.

This website is designed for you to fully understand what products we can provide for your facility. Navigate through the website using the “Odorite Blue” toolbar below the logo at the top of the screen. If you stay updated with the website’s News and Promos pages, the savings will be worth your time. So what is new with our website?

  • No broken links.
  • Obviously updated look.
  • Details about our staff.
  • Monthly promotions and news…so stay tuned!

Our mission for this new site is idealy to have the customer feel connected with the products and professionals helping them with our products. We want our clients to be comfortable enough with contacting us with questions and comments. You will notice “Contact” in the Blue Toolbar, please contact us for your orders. We carry many products in our warehouse in South Portland, Maine. However, feel free to suggest products that you prefer and we will happily attempt to provide whatever your facility’s needs may be!